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What is a Seeker?

A Seeker is you, me, your family, friends and everyone around you, because we all have had those moments where we see a clothing item, and we think “I would love to wear that for my event!”. So for all those moments in which you know exactly what you would love to wear but you don’t have it, and you couldn’t find it on Sharedrobes, we created Seekers. Now you can create a request to ask the Sharedrobes community if one of them has that exact item, or something very similar to it so that you can book it.

How much does it cost to create a request?

Creating requests is completely free! More importantly, once you get an item offered and you book it through Sharedrobes, you and the Sharer will both get €15 towards your Sharedrobes fees ( T&Cs apply). 🎉

Can I upload photos to my request? 📸

Yes, you definitely can and we highly recommend it. Adding images will help the community to better identify what you are looking for exactly.

Can I add Youtube videos to my request?

Yes. Videos are a great way to give more clarity on what you are looking for exactly.
When posting or editing a request, you can simply add a link to a YouTube video to the description and save it. Our system will automatically recognise YouTube links and add the videos under the request's description. Can I add more than one video? Yes, it is possible to add as many videos as you wish. All videos will be reviewed by the Sharedrobes team to make sure they are compliant with our Terms and Conditions. This will also protect you and all members from videos that could be published with offensive or inappropriate content. Sharedrobes will reserve the right to remove videos and/or deactivate or cancel a Partner’s account.

Will I be able to share my request easily?

Yes. Every request and every listing inside Sharedrobes has a unique URL (link), making it super easy for you to share it.

Does the reviews system also operate with requests?

No. Requests don't involve payment transactions. Therefore, the system will not enable reviews. Requests ares basically conversations. Once a member wants to contact you to offer you an item, they will click on "Offer Item" and that will open the conversation. You will be able to review the other member if the item they offer is what you wanted and you book it from their listing on Sharedrobes.

How do I create a request?

Creating requests is very easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on ' Add a new listing' at the top right corner of Sharedrobes.
  2. Select the category for which you want to create the request. Example: Women.
  3. For the selected category, select which subcategory is most related to what you are seeking to find. Example: Dresses.
  4. Select listing type 'Requesting Items'.
  5. Complete all your relevant fields and click 'Post listing'.
And that's it! Your request has been created, and it will be shared with the Sharedrobes community. Each listing has a unique URL (link) that you can easily copy and share with your friends and family, which will help to find the item quicker.


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Our email hello@sharedrobes.com is always ready to reply to your questions and inquiries.