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What is the rental period? 📅

At Sharedrobes, all items have a daily rental price. However, the recommendation for Sharers is to only accept bookings of 7 days (one week) or more. Why 7 days? 7 days gives enough time for Sharers to deliver the items, and for you to return them. During those period of times, the items are not available for other bookings. Consider the date you are going to use the item to be around the middle of that week. That way you'll have 2-3 days to receive it and 2-3 days to return it safely. That being said, when listing an item, Sharers will be able to define their Minimum Rental Period, from One week (7 days) to One month (30 days). If I return the item earlier, will there be any refunds in place? If the item is returned because of an issue with it, then the Sharedrobes team will look into it. If there are no issues with the item and it's returned early and received by the Sharer before the booking period is over, no refunds will be in place. It is considered your responsibility to return the item no later than the last day of the booking.

Can I try an item on?

You can ask a Sharer, through our direct messaging system, if they agree to a Try-On of the item you like. Try-On - In Person The Sharedrobes platform is built to be on the go, therefore, if you try on the item in person and then want to proceed with the reservation afterwards, you can securely pay and book on the spot, by visiting the the Sharer's page, or that item listing directly. A secure record of the transaction is instantly completed and your booking will be active in our system. Try-On - By Post You can ask a Sharer if you can Try-On an item by posting it to you. If you both agree, please adhere to the steps below to ensure the Try-On of your item is completed with the utmost security in mind:

  • You both must agree to the Try-On.
  • Complete a booking request as normal, for when you would like to try it on.
  • With a Try-On, as a Renter, you will start the booking by paying as normal, but you then will get refunded the rental price, minus a €2.90 service fee and the shipping cost.
  • As a Renter, you can keep the item for a maximum of 24 Hours only when trying it on, otherwise, the full rental price will be charged.
  • You and the Sharer are required to contact us and advise that the booking is a Try-On only.
  • Apart from the Try-On rules above, the normal Terms and Conditions will apply to a Try-On by post.
All items on return will need a Tracking Number, to ensure scheduled dates can be verified.

How can I rent an item?

Once you have searched for your item, you are able to request a booking by filling in the necessary information including payment details and the method you would like to receive the item and proceed to click ‘Request Booking’. The item's rental price is per day. However, Sharers will expect a booking of at least one week (7 days) and you are able to select the dates from the calendar. All of it so that the Sharer will know you're ready to go with the booking. The Sharer then will have 72 hours to accept or decline your request. When requesting a booking, your card will be authorised for the amount of the transaction, but if the Sharer declines your request, the authorisation will be lifted and you will not be charged. Is the item shipped or do I have to pick it up from the Sharer? In each item, you will see if the Sharer allows for shipping, pick up or both. It will be your decision which one to choose from the options available. If a pick up is available and you choose that option, then you must also return the item in person.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged as soon as the Sharer accepts your booking request. Sharers will have 72 hours (three days) to accept or decline your request. If they don't accept it before the end of those three days, the booking request will be automatically cancelled and you will not be charged.

Is there a late fee?

Yes. Being late when returning items will affect other members of our community. Sharedrobes will charge a €15 late fee for each day after the last day of your booking. Is cases where you won't be able to make your scheduled return, please reschedule with the Sharer and email us at support@sharedrobes.com.

How can I prepare the item for posting? 📦

It is important to return the product to the Sharer in the same presentation as you received it. When you receive the item please retain packaging items such as garment bags, tissue paper, shoe bags, etc. for use when preparing the product for return shipping.

  • Clothing: You can place clothing in garment bags or wrapped in tissue paper to reduce creasing.
  • Bags & Accessories: Wrap bags in tissue paper to avoid scratches and place in a proper dust bag.
  • Shoes: Wrap in tissue paper and place the shoes in a dust bag and box.
Additional recommendations:
  • Wrap each item individually.
  • If possible ensure no items are touching the side of the box.
  • Use protective padding materials such as polystyrene chips, polystyrene foam or blocks, shredded paper or bubble wrap to fill out the box.
  • Seal boxes with heavy duty tape and not sellotape.
All items on return will need a Tracking Number, to ensure scheduled dates can be verified.

If I pay by card and my booking is cancelled, how will I receive a refund?

Not all cancellations will be automatically refunded. If your booking is cancelled within 14 days of the rental commencement date, your cancelled booking will require investigation by the Sharedrobes team. If the cancellation is not due to a fault of your own, you will be refunded. If you are entitled to a refund, and you pay by card, this will be refunded back to the card you paid with.

What happens if the item doesn’t fit?

The size of the items will be clearly defined on the listing. If there is a genuine mistake in the size on the listing, please notify Sharedrobes immediately and return the item to the Sharer within 24 hours of receiving the delivery and you will not be charged for the rental price, only for the postage.

What will happen if I accidentally damage the item?

Please contact Sharedrobes and the Sharer immediately and we will work with you to find a solution that minimises the cost to all parties.

Can I alter an item? 🧵

No. Alterations of any kind are strictly prohibited.

What will happen if the items delivered aren’t as described? (poor quality, wrong item)

Please contact Sharedrobes immediately and we will work with you to find a solution.

How quickly will I receive the orders?

For deliveries being made by post please allow 2 to 3 working days. Note that rural members may need to allow additional time for receipt of the items. If you need the item quickly or at short notice, you are able to select an item from a Sharer in your area. Message the Sharer and request an in-person pick-up or delivery by courier.



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