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What is a Partner?

A Partner is a service provider that offers their service at a special discounted price for Sharedrobes members. Examples of Partners are photographers, dry cleaners, garment alterations services, shoe repair shops, etc. To prevent misuse of your Sharedrobes discount we will operate an e-token system. What is an e-token? An e-token is what Sharedrobes members will buy from you to confirm their real intention of availing of your service. Members will buy e-tokens directly from your listing(s). The price of this e-token will be redeemable against their final bill. Each e-token will be valid for a single use and will be non-transferrable. Our recommended e-token price will be €5.00. That will allow a member to confirm their real intention of getting your service, and once you provide it, you will be able to charge them the difference. For example, let’s say that after you provide your service, the final price of it is €20.00. Since the member already requested your service by paying €5.00 for the e-token, through the Sharedrobes platform, they will only need to pay you the difference of €15.00. The payout of the e-token will happen once the member marks the transaction as complete on the platform.

How much does it cost to become a Partner?

At the moment, becoming a Partner is free! You can even email us your service's details at listing@sharedrobes.com, and we'll list them for you. 😉 Your services are also free of fees! We don't charge any fee for your services, which means that you get 100% of what you are paid. We only get paid when you get paid!

Can I add other team members to manage the account? 🏪

Yes. You can add other team members to manage your account. Sharedrobes members can set multiple email addresses in their account. How many team members can I add? As many as you need. 😃 Can they log in into the account using their email? Yes. Each email address you add to your account can access it. The password is the same one you set up for the account and each email address / account member will have the same access rights. Can they also get the notifications from the account? That's completely up to you. You have full control if those emails will receive or not notifications from the account.

How much will I advertise my service for?

Please advertise your service fees as per your standard pricing less your Sharedrobes discount. Do this by incorporating these values in the description of your listing(s).

What photos can I upload? 📸

Our community of members prefer impeccably presented photos of your service. The following photos are acceptable:

  • Photos of your shop/store
  • Photos showing examples of your work
  • Clean, well-lit photos
  • Professional photos

Can I add Youtube videos to my listing?

Yes. Videos are a great way to make listings more attractive and you can add YouTube videos straight into the listing's descriptions. When posting or editing a listing, you can simply add a link to a YouTube video to the listing description and save it. Our system will automatically recognise YouTube links and add the videos under the listing description text. Can I add more than one video in a listing? Yes, it is possible to add as many videos as you wish to each listing. All videos will be reviewed by the Sharedrobes team to make sure they are compliant with our Terms and Conditions. This will also protect you and all members from videos that could be published with offensive or inappropriate content. Sharedrobes will reserve the right to remove videos and/or deactivate or cancel a Partner’s account.

Will there be a link to my website on my Sharedrobes profile page?

You will be able to insert a link to your business site in the listing description and in the description of your profile.

How will Sharedrobes members utilise my Partnership with Sharedrobes?

Sharedrobes members can access all services provided by Partners by filtering the listings by the “Services” category that they will find in the top left section of the Sharedrobes platform. What do I do if a member requests my service and they don’t have any items listed? We recommended providing your services only to members who have active listings in their accounts, and for the service to be provided for the listed items. We do not recommend providing your service to members with no listings and for items that are not listed on the Sharedrobes platform. This is to ensure your special discounted price is used by an active Sharedrobes member, our Sharers.

When will I get paid?

Payouts of e-tokens are triggered automatically once the buyer marks the transaction as completed. You have three days to accept or reject that order, and if you don’t take any action, after that period the order will be automatically cancelled. If the date in which the buyer marks the transaction as completed falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your e-token payout may be triggered on the next business day. Payouts of e-tokens are made to your nominated bank account, which you will be able to update by visiting your Sharedrobes profile settings. Partners are notified when payment has been made via email.

Does the reviews system also operate with Partners?

Yes. The same way reviews operate between Renters and Sharers it operates between Partners and other members. After a transaction is completed, both the Partner and the member can review each other. A review consists of:

  • A positive or negative rating (thumbs up or down).
  • A free-form text comment.


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