At Sharedrobes, we take the safety and security of our members very seriously.


That's why every member of our community has to complete our ID Verification process with their first booking.

The process is simple and quick. We ask for a government ID (driving licence, passport or national identity card) which is verified by our secure third-party service supplier. It needs to be an official government-issued ID that has your photo.

If the verification is not successful, we may ask for additional information.

Keep in mind that we do not store any ID information with us. All details are sent directly to our secure third-party supplier and they are not shared with any other member of the community.

Sharedrobes uses encryption technology to transmit and store data.

* All fields are required!

1- Your Sharedrobes account's email: *

2- Photo of your ID: *

  • Current signed passport

  • Driving licence

  • EEA member state identity card

  • Current UK or EEA photo card driving licence [not provisional and only if not used for proof of address]

  • National identity card bearing a photograph

Upload Photo of Your ID
Max File Size 15MB

3- Selfie with your ID: *

  • Image must be clearly visible

  • Your face must be clearly visible

  • ID must be clearly visible

  • ID must be the same one as above

Upload Your Selfie & ID
Max File Size 15MB

I authorise Sharedrobes to collect the information above for the sole purpose of identity verification.

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