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What is Sharedrobes?

Sharedrobes is a revolutionary affordable peer-to-peer clothing rental platform. We enable you to monetize your wardrobe. We have categories for Women (including Maternity) and Men clothing items. You will also find services such as dry cleaning, garment alteration, photography and shoe repair from independent shops, offering their services at a discounted price, for Sharedrobes members only.

What is the rental period? ๐Ÿ“…

At Sharedrobes, all items have a daily rental price. However, the recommendation for Sharers is to only accept bookings of 7 days (one week) or more. Why 7 days? 7 days gives enough time for Sharers to deliver the items, and for Renters to return them. During those period of times, the items will not be available for other bookings. If you are a Renter, consider the date you are going to use the item to be around the middle of that week. That way you'll have 2-3 days to receive it and 2-3 days to return it safely. That being said, when listing an item, Sharers will be able to define their Minimum Rental Period, from One week (7 days) to One month (30 days). If the item is returned early, will there be any refunds in place? If the item is returned because of an issue with it, then the Sharedrobes team will look into it. If there are no issues with the item and it's returned early and received by the Sharer before the booking period is over, no refunds will be in place. It is considered the responsibility of the Renter to return the item no later than the last day of the booking.

What is ID Verification? โœ…

At Sharedrobes, we take the safety and security of our members very seriously. That's why every member of our community will have to complete our ID Verification process with their first booking. The process is simple and quick. We ask for a government ID (driving licence, passport or national identity card) which is verified by our secure third-party service supplier. It needs to be an official government-issued ID that has your photo. If the verification is not successful, we may ask for additional information. Keep in mind that we do store any ID information with us. All details are sent directly to our secure third-party supplier and they do not be share with any other member of the community. Sharedrobes uses encryption technology to transmit and store data. Is it safe to complete a transaction with unverified members? ๐Ÿ‘ Yes, always! If a member is requesting a transaction with you and they are unverified, it only means that that is their first transaction on Sharedrobes. Most likely we will be already performing the verification process with them. What happens if a member doesn't complete the verification process? โ›” Members that do not complete our verification process will have their accounts suspended until verification is successfully achieved. How will other members know that I'm verified? โœ” Once you complete the verification, we will send you a Verification Badge which will contain your unique verification code. The Verification Badge will be an image that you will be able to add into your profile image. When doing this, make sure that it's visible to other members. You will also be able to use it with your listing's images. Many Sharers, Renters and Partners will look for the Verification Badge when deciding whether to complete a transaction with another member. Misuse or sharing of the verification badge and/or verification code may result in the member's account being suspended. Click here to read more about our identity verification process and how it works.

Can I rent or share if I am under 18 years old? ๐Ÿ”ž

If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian can rent and share on your behalf and they will be fully responsible.

How do reviews work?

Reviews allow members to show their gratitude and provide feedback to a member. Reviews help other Sharers and Renters know what to expect when they are deciding on whether to rent or share with another member. Your review should be based on communication, efficiency and overall satisfaction with the item. After a transaction is completed, both Renter and Sharer are able to review each other. A review consists of:

  • A positive or negative rating (thumbs up or down).
  • A free-form text comment.
Can members skip the feedback process? Yes, members can choose not to review the other party. However, they can't refuse a review from the other party after a completed transaction. Where do reviews appear? Reviews are visible to everyone on each member's profile page. A Sharer's rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) will be also shown on each listing page.

Can I 'Follow' other members?

Yes. By following other Sharedrobes members, you will receive notifications each time they list a new item. How can I follow another member? Following another member requires having an active account in Sharedrobes. It only needs a few clicks:

  • log in with your account,
  • open the profile page of the member you want to follow,
  • under the profile picture, click the 'Follow' button.
The button will say 'Following': that's it! How can I unfollow another member? You can easily stop following another member:
  • log in with your account,
  • open your profile page to view all the members you follow,
  • under the profile picture of the member you want to unfollow (or from their profile page), click the 'Unfollow' button.
That's it! How can I view the members I follow? You can view all the members you follow from your profile page:
  • log in with your account,
  • from the top bar, click 'Profile' in the dropdown under your name,
  • view the followed members from the section in your profile.
What notifications are sent with the 'Follow' feature? Each time a member you follow lists a new item, you'll receive an email notification. You can disable those notifications from your member settings. Members do not receive a notification when someone starts to follow them. Can I block members from following me? No. The concept behind Sharedrobes is that it will act as a community, based on trust, inclusion and respect. In the event you have issues with another member, please contact support@sharedrobes.com and we will work with you and the other member to find a resolution. If it is found that one of the members is in breach of our Terms and Conditions, their profile will be closed by Sharedrobes.

If someone asks me to pay them directly and not through the Sharedrobes platform, what will I do?

If on the rare occasion, someone contacts you to pay or receive money outside the Sharedrobes site, we advise that you cease communication with that member and report the member to us by contacting support at support@sharedrobes.com. Keeping payments and communication with other members only through the Sharedrobes platform will be vital to making your experience as positive and secure as possible. If your transaction happens offline, we will have no record of it and it will be almost impossible for us to help you. It will also be a violation of our Terms & Conditions. Ensure you always pay and communicate through the Sharedrobes platform so you can take advantage of our trust and safety features. The continual growth of your profile in the community will help members decide whether to rent or share with you in the future.

Can I sell my item?

No, the Sharedrobes platform is dedicated to delivering the most secure and advanced tools for Renting and Sharing clothing items. Unlike selling, Sharing is ongoing and can make your item much more profitable over time.

How can I report a member for misconduct?

If you ever feel that a member is breaching the Sharedrobes Terms & Conditions in any way, you should contact support at support@sharedrobes.com as soon as possible.

Where does Sharedrobes operate? ๐ŸŒ

Sharedrobes is based in the beautiful city of Cork, Ireland and initially, we are servicing Ireland and the UK. We will expand the service to more countries in the future. Is there a physical Sharedrobes store or pick up location? ๐Ÿช No, Sharedrobes operates completely online. Sharers are able to list their items for pick up and/or delivery. Renters will decide which one to use. Try-ons can be arranged if both the Sharer and the Renter agree. You can read more about Try-ons here (for Sharers) or here (for Renters).

Who is responsible for cleaning the items? ๐Ÿงผ

Sharers are responsible for keeping the items clean. They know more about how to take care of their items. That being said, we recommend Sharers to include the cleaning cost in the rental price. Visit our Daily Rental Price Calculator which will help you determine the rental price for your item, including the cleaning costs.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Sharedrobes members are able to delete their account and personal information. What information is deleted when the account is removed? When a member decides to delete their account, all of their personal information (such as name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, payout details etc.) is removed. All the listings created by the member are removed as well. Interactions with other members (such as conversations with other people, transactions, reviews given to others, comments, etc.) aren't deleted. However, the username is longer displayed next to this content. The username is no longer available to use. Can I delete the account at any time? A member won't be able to delete their account if they have pending transactions. As soon as all transactions are completed, the member is able to delete the account. Is it possible to recover a deleted account? Recovering a deleted account is not possible.

What is the Sharedrobes service fee?

Sharedrobes is free for you to join, book occasion clothes and list the ones in your wardrobe. To help operate the Sharedrobes platform, we only charge a 12% service fee from Renters: - When a booking is confirmed, and - when a service is requested. The minimum fee that Sharedrobes collects is โ‚ฌ1.50. For Sharers and Partners, it's completely free!



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